Robert Motelski was born in 1977 in Warsaw. In 1997 he graduated from The Secondery Arts School in Warsaw. In 2002 he graduated from the painting department of The European Academy of Arts with the excellent grade. His diploma  superviser is prof. Barbara Szubińska. Previouslyhe had studied in the studios of Antoni Fałat, Andrzej Sadowski and Ewa Pełka. He has had over one hundred individual and group exhibitions. He received The scholarship of the Ministry of Culture in 2004. In 2008 he received "Mloda Polska" scholarship of the National Culture Center. His works are collected both in Poland and abroad.

Selected exhibitions:


2021 - Extravagance Gallery, Sielecki Castle, Sosnowiec, Poland
2020 - Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Ustka, Poland
2019 - BWA Gallery, Kielce, Poland
2019 - Milano Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2019 - BWA Gallery, Sanok, Poland
2018 - Sandhofer Gallery, Salzburg, Austria
2017 - Polish Culture Centre, Munich, Germany
2016 - City Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland
2015 - -1 Gallery, Olypmic Centre, Warsaw, Poland
2014 - Olympia Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2012 - Opus Gallery, Łódż, Poland
2012 - Wegert and Sadocco Gallery, Winkel, Holland
2010 - Sandhofer Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
2010 - Sandhofer Gallery, Congress Centre, Alpbach, Austria
2010 - TEST Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2004 - ZPAP Gallery, Gdansk, Poland
2002 - Brama Gallery, Warsaw, Poland


2018 - Multi-Kulti, Norymberski House, Cracow, Poland
2017 - Short Stories/Junge Gegenwartskunst aus Polen, Strzelski Galeire, Stuttgart, Germany
2017 - Contemporary Art Exhibition, -1 Gallery, Olympic Centre, Warsaw, Poland
2016 - Art Sessions, Mostra Gallery, London, England
2015 - -1 Gallery, Olypmic Centre, Warsaw, Poland
2014 - No-Views, Bielska BWA Gallery, Bielsko Biała, Poland
2013 - Still Nature , Soho Factory, Warsaw, Poland
2013 - Art Ways, City Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland
2012 - The Garden of Life, The Life Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
2012 - Telefooncentrale, Galeria Wegert and Sadocco, Alkmaar, Holland
2012 - XXIV Contemporary Polish Painting Festival "Obrazowanie", Ksi±ż±t Pomorskich Castle, Szczecin, Poland
2012 - One Day at The See, Sandhofer Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
2012 - SportArtBox, Milano Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2011 - Mixed Emotions, Olympia Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2010 - Art Innsbruck, Sandhofer Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
2009 - 30 x 30, Milano Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2009 - 20 Years After, Olympia Gallery, Amsterdam, Holand
2009 - Art Innsbruck, Sandhofer Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
2008 - 20/21 International Art Fair, Vernissage, Royal College of Art, London, England
2006 - Focus, Design Centre, Vernissage, London, England
2006 - Art Ways, Art. Fabryk Galerie, Wuppertal, Germany
2004 - Young Polish Art Into Europe, Vernissage, London, England
2004 - Dialogues, "BWA, Plock, Poland
2003 - Promocje 2002, City Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland
2003 - Second International Competition of Drawings, Museum, Wroclaw, Poland
2002 - Art & Business - The Best Painting 2001, Królikarnia Palace - department of The National Museum, Warsaw, Poland

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Selected texts

It was late the other day when I found a good place to stay on a small island. In the morning I had been swimming in the lake, later I begun to make breakfast. The sun streaking through the trees lit pine needles lying on the ground. This is how the idea for the “Light” painting came up.

I cannot remember what made nature the leading subject of my works. The realm has always been of particular importance to me. With time the paintings became more and more synthetic, which was not pre-meditated but stemmed from my own experiences in contact with nature, influencing my way of perceiving the reality.
I make up neither the idea nor the form. The concepts just occur to me, then I put them into practice.
The inspirations for the paintings are found during my trips, when I have the possibility of a direct connection with nature. I analyse the ideas and impressions in the studio. I sythetise the form, delete the irrelevant elements, choose what is most important. Abstraction has always been close to me but the realistic motives also gave opportunity to convey different contents. I combine the expressively painted elements with colour patches. I pay a lot of attention to composition.

Robert Motelski 2015

Harmony of Nature

‘Look, look... Motelski!’ I say to my wife gazing at the surface of water and admiring the bank of a Masurian lake overgrown with rushes.There is no one else about, peace and quiet all around, the low sun is slowly fading, it is only thoughts and whispers which become more distinct. I’m breathing in the air deeply - this is the smell, this is the very moment which remains engraved in memory.

Is there anything that might astonish, even delight us while watching a contemporarily painted landscape in the present world, amidst the civilisation of rubbish, randomness and repetition are we capable of discovering emotions aroused by pictures depicting nature?

Perfectly composed synthetic painting, wherein light and colour determine the impression and introduce the mood of reverie and contemplation. Let it be reeds, a forest and water - or maybe only an apparent sight of fragments of nature,cropped and balanced in a minimal but not limited way. The works full of calm and permeated by reflection, beauty of nature, recovered by a momentary glimpse, often on the verge of abstraction, rendering the rhythm and values stemming from nature. This is how I perceive Robert Motelski’s painting.

As a spectoator, having been watching the artist’s work for some years, I experience the joy of discovering harmony in them, which is inextricable part of nature. I feel more comfortable in the surroudings subtly affecting senses, strengthening sensitivity. The canvas covered with paint with an elaborate care - mature in terms of skill and aesthetically beautiful; they attract through their individuality, originaliy, cannot be schematised, allow to take delight in detail. The interaction with Robert motelski’s worksis constant relishing without redundant interpretations or guessing underlying meanings. They emanate peace, create a sense of intimacy - they are intuitively familiar and unlock subconsciously remembered beauty.

It is my utmost pleasure to share the impression that the work of Robert Motelski’s - with its work out characteristic style and form derived from nature - rendering its richness and sublime allure with highlighted colour and mood, undoubtedlyconfirms the thesis of continously creative power of nature and art.

Michał Dwurzyński, July 2015

           Robert Motelski's paintings are exceptional visions of nature, visions of space which surrounds us. They tell about being, fate and passing. They depend on the season of year, the time of day, the temperature of air, the intensity of light. They record everything which is unusual and unique. Their realm is created out of fragments of the sky, trunks and branches of trees, thickets of bushes, blades and tufts of grass, rushes, hosts of flowers, glittering surfaces of lakes and ponds. The young artists builds that upon the basic elements of artistic technique: colour and light.
It is particularly light which plays a vital and essential part in constructing the mood of his synthetic, rhythmical landscapes. It defines the space, air, movement; evokes the feelings of changeability and flickering. By limiting the pieces of landscape to a sign,-,a clear symbol, Robert Motelski accurately reflects the essence of the complicated and delicate matter of nature and its core. He presents us with the values and poesy of the world which we fail to notice but experience all the time. He convinces us that, apart from conflicts, tension and violence, there exists the beautiful world, unchangeable in its everlasting rhythm of birth and death- the world of nature captivating by its complete peacefulness and balance, harmony and order.
Recalling the tradition of Polish painting of colour and light, the artist created an extremely accurate, impressionistic and emotional interpretation of the places where man can still find solace, relaxation and also beauty.

Jerzy Brukwick 2003
Pokaz - Art. Critic Gallery


I'm interested in the rhythm, order and peace of nature. I always start with a study of nature. I transform fragments of reality, removing inessential elements, strengthening the ones which are necessary to me.
Simplified to almost abstract, basic forms, a landscape is to take an effect by planes of colour of different painting texture. Subsequently, paintings verging on abstract and reality are created. I reduce a landscape to signs, symbols to show the things which are the most important.

I'm inspired by both contemporary and old art. I value C.D. Friedrich and Vermeer and also Malewicz, Mondrian and Colour Field Painting, J. Pollock, On Kawara, the artists associated with the Earth Art, such as J. Turell, A. Goldworthy. The art and philosophy of the East is of a great significance to me as well.


I paint on canvas of different sizes, depending on the subjects constituting cycles of reeds, flowers, old buildings, horizons. It is vital for me that the public know what the painting presents, which is not always simple at first glance. That is why I entitle my works depending on the cycle they belong to. I give the exact date- the day, month, time. This is not the time when a picture is being created but the time when a given situation, light, colour, composition could have occurred. In the course of work on a painting, I combine various techniques, most frequently oil and acrylic, as each of them allows for a different effect. I combine roughly, expressively painted planes with touched up forms.



Robert Motelski, Malarstwo 2015 - 2020

Robert Motelski, Painting 2008 - 2015

Robert Motelski, Painting 2002 - 2008

Robert Motelski - Abstrakt, Extravagance Gallery, Sosnowiec 2021 r.

Robert Motelski Constans, BWA Gallery, Kielce 2019


A shortened version of the video art films, shown on exhibitions
in Milano, Olympia and Wegert and Sadocco Galleries